Client: Legal non-profit entity "SPORTNO DRUJESTVO ETROPOLE"
Architecture: "BIAS-M" Ltd.
Main contractor: Legal non-profit entity "SPORTNO DRUJESTVO ETROPOLE"
Design: Complex design - Arhitecture, Structures, WSS, Electrics, HVAC
Main structural material: structural steel and cast in place reinforced concrete
Characteristics: - establishing a new daily center for children;
- establishing a new substation in place of the existing boiler room;
- establishing a new press conference hall;
- installation of new, additional prefabricated stands;
- construction of elevator shaft, designed for people with disabilities;
- functional change in the distribution of the premises between the individual sports halls;
- removal of existing masonry and construction of new internal partition walls;
- replacement of floor coverings and wall claddings;
- establishment of new dressing rooms, bathrooms and toilets;
- mounting of new steel structures for additional glazing of some facades;
- complete replacement of the facade glazing and adding new frames for windows and display cases;
- renovation and modernization of sports equipment for halls with different sporting aspects;
- complete remodeling of internal and external public spaces in order to provide a more accessible environment for people with disabilities;
Phase/stage: executed in 2015